Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Season, New Judge

I like Ellen, she's funny and bright. But. This is a show about VOCAL PERFORMANCE.

Question: Why not have a VOCAL COACH as a judge?

Answer: ratings.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unbelievable results

I REALLY enjoyed the show, except for the little part where Kara pushed aside the bikini girl and sang her into the ground. I agree, Kara definitely has more talent... but I thought that was a little... tasteless.

The votes are in, and Kris Allen has been chosen as American Idol 2009.

In any case, I predict that Adam will have a long career, and perhaps not winning might actually be better for him as he will have more control over what happens over the next while.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kris vs Adam (Top 2)

I thought both contenders did a pretty good job, but vocally I have to say that Adam has a terrific instrument and a great mastery over it. I enjoy Kris's performances and I think he has a lot to offer as well. They are both artists and neither one of them has anything to be ashamed of. My vote is, for Adam, of course, because he is, and always has been, the best singer of the bunch.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top 3 - May 12/09

DANNY (Dance Little Sister), I thought he rocked it up, he had fun, the voice was spot on.

KRIS (Apologize), thought the voice was a bit stressed in the chorus, but there was some very nice quality in the rest of the song.

ADAM (One), tremendous breath flow, great range, bright clear tone.

DANNY (You are so beautiful), interesting voice, from a singing teacher’s point of view. Very breathy/raspy to start, but then finds beautiful clear tone in the higher notes. Tastefully ornamented, great sense of musicality. I thought it was a wonderful interpretation of the song. Showed control, range, and heart.

KRIS (Heartless), I enjoyed the song, well sung, well performed. Voice has a bloom on it, a warm vibrato that is appealing. Refreshing and different.

ADAM (Crying), ohhh I loooove Aerosmith. I couldn’t sing it, but he sure can. Couldn’t hear anything not to appreciate.

For me, vocally and performance-wise, these three singers are very close. I do think Adam has an amazing instrument and great musicality, I think Danny also has good range and musical sensibilities, I think Kris is very talented and has great artistry. How do you choose between them? If by vocal ability alone, then I have to choose Adam, with Danny a close second.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Top 4 Results

Interesting that Kris was #1 in the voting - at least according to how they gave the results.


Allison went home, that's cool for me - I did appreciate her style, but didn't feel she was as appealing a performer as the others. I figured she'd have enough fans to keep her in the running. I've always felt that Danny and Adam would be the final two.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TOP 4 – MAY 5/09

Interesting choice of a Mentor for the contestants this week. I thought the music itself was well-played and the arrangements were good. I am losing interest in hearing the judging panel. Four is too many. It would be more effective to have three judges who have more time to give longer critiques to help the singers (and the public) understand what they need to work on. As a voice teacher and composer, etc., feedback from those more experienced than I is a crucial part of my growth. I’d like to hear more notes on singing and performance, and less “you’re the bomb, dog,” “that’s artistry,” “you look great tonight,” “that was boring.” That IS boring.

ADAM (Whole Lotta Love) – right in his element, couldn’t take my eyes (or ears) off of him. Vocally powerful, strong and resilient, good depth, bright tone, great range, I understood every word.

ALISON (Crybaby) – Didn’t get all the words. Some of the notes seemed too low and we lost her, the last note was very nice and showed bloom on the voice. The performance was solid but the song didn’t thrill me.

Duet: KRIS / DANNY – Renegade. Well done, showed Danny’s voice is stronger and has more range, Kris was good but Danny overshadowed him, great combination and fab harmonies.

KRIS (Come Together) – I think Kris was out of his element this evening. I like him, I think he has his own style, but this sort of music doesn’t suit him. I think he’s a good singer, but in terms of vocal “presence”, he’s the weakest of the four. In terms of appeal and performance, I think he’s a top contender.

DANNY (Dream On) – I really appreciate Danny’s vocal chops, but as a voice teacher I have grave concerns. When he went into falsetto near the end, it sounded strained and weak, and the scream at the end made me shudder. Vocal damage 101: screaming, Danny, is the quickest way to node city. You have talent, you have a great voice, it’s unfortunate that you are up against Adam, or you’d have a shot at the title. I think this song was a big mistake, vocally as well as in performance. Not only for this particular show, but at this point, only three weeks from the final, to push your voice in such an unhealthy manner could affect the ability to perform for the rest of the season, assuming the public gives you the chance. I’d suggest resting the voice for a couple of days. No talking, no singing.

Duet: ALLISON / DANNY – well matched. I thought this song suited Allison better than her solo did. Strong performances from both.

My take? Vocally, Kris is the weakest. Danny might be in trouble. I’m not over the moon about Allison’s solo performance. They each have their fans… most likely Kris will go home.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~ 29Apr09 Results

As Matt sings his rendition of "My Funny Valentine" I feel sad for him, but I knew he would go home tonight. He hits one very pitchy spot in the song which makes me wince as I write this.

I thought it was very odd that Adam was in the bottom 2. Perhaps they are trying to keep it interesting.